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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Changes, changes...

So quite a bit has happened since my last post!
On October 22nd, this little lady became a big sister!

Miss Claire Elise Spivey was born at 9:21 am and she was 7 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long.
She looks quite a bit like Molly did when she was born.

I know her daddy is pretty smitten with her.

Her big sister is too!
Molly just LOVES to give Baby Claire kisses and kisses and kisses!

We had a rough first few nights at home.  Claire was up most of the nights just screaming like crazy- poor thing :(  It just broke my heart to not be able to console her.  And I know that Blake felt completely helpless too.  After two nights of this I called the pediatrician to take her in for a check up.  We thought it was just terrible gas and we didn't know how to fix it.  Turns out, the doctor thinks she has a touch of reflux and gave us a prescription for Zantac and put me on a restricted diet.  We saw immediate results from the medicine!  Claire has been eating a regular every 3 hours now and I am MUCH less stressed out!

One good bit of news, Molly sleeps through Claire crying and Claire sleeps through Molly crying!  WIN-WIN

For Halloween my girls were precious ladybugs!  Molly- of course won't smile for the camera to save her life, but such is the life of a 19 month old! :)

Also, a peek at Miss Claire's nursery
(this used to be Blake's office, so think dark pine paneling and lots of sports themed decor)
Craigslist crib that I painted.  All fabric done by me :) 
Monster bookshelf that Blake built to cover a doorway to the kitchen

Claire's collage of C's

Claire's initial monogram that her Aunt Lizzie made for her 
Craigslist dresser that I painted.  Chair from Molly's nursery.  Still have some work to do on the wall decor, but waiting for her newborn pics :)

Fan and light pulls made by her Meme

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Through the Eyes of my iPhone Camera

Yes, I know, it has been ages since I last posted.  I blame my iPhone and my pure laziness!  With my iPhone, I don't seem to get out my actual camera nearly as much as I need to.  So here is an update of what went on this summer....all through the eyes of my iPhone camera!

Molly's first popsicle with her cousin Gracie!
Grace shared her napmat with Molly
Molly loves playing at her water table!
Daddy went out of town fishing, so Mommy and Molly had a breakfast date at IHOP- yum!
Molly and her best friend Eben love their playdates at the pool....and obviously they love each other!

Mommy had staff development all day so Daddy had to watch Molly by himself.  This is what she learned- muscle arms!
No matter what toys we have outside for Molly to play with, all she wants to do it sit in the dogs' water bowl.

I signed Molly up for the Scribbles and Dribbles Art Class at the Science Place for the summer.  Here we were on our way to the first class!
And here is after her first class!  She didn't get too messy, and she really loved the class!

Over the summer, Molly became a climber----oh dear!
Molly adopted this play tent from her cousin Gracie and she absolutely loves it!
Molly LOVES her Lucy!
For the Fourth of July we headed to visit some of Daddy's friends in Oklahoma City, Molly was SO excited!
Soon her excitement got the best of her and she passed out cold, for a little while!
We made our way to Marlow (near Daddy's home town) for the Fourth of July Parade.  This is Molly and Daddy waiting for the parade to start.

Looking cute all dolled up!

Molly wasn't quite sure of what to think of the whole parade situation.  She wasn't afraid of anything, not the noises or the animals.
Checking it all out with Daddy!
It was REALLY hot at the parade and it was right in the middle of Molly's nap time.  So she passed out quickly on the way back to Mema and Papa's house.
So tired she didn't even finish her snack, passed out cold with them in her lap and her mouth!

Molly and Mommy went on Molly's first plane ride together!  We flew to Houston to see Meme and meet Auntie Ellen for the first time!

Is that made for a SWA commercial or what?!

She is ready, but is Southwest Airlines?

Molly was supposed to be a lap child, but luckily it was not a full flight.  So Molly and I got three seats all to ourselves, so she sat part of the time like a big girl in her own seat!
Molly was in heaven swimming twice a day at Auntie Ellen's house!

And then Meme introduced her to the garden hose, and that was it, Molly was in love!

Molly doing so VERY early morning coloring.  Let's just say, Molly is not used to sharing her bedroom.  And sharing a bedroom with Mommy resulted in 4:30 am wake-ups.

Enjoying some lunch at Pappadeauxs- yummy!

Again with the garden hose, it's the simple pleasures!

Playtime on the couch with Meme

So tired on the long drive home from Houston, but it sure was fun!  

Molly's first set of pigtails!

So CUTE!  But she looks SO big :(
Molly's birthday buddy Carter came and met us at the Children's Museum after one of Molly's art classes.  They both really liked driving the fire truck!
And of course, Molly loved the sand table!
And Molly would count to three and slide down the slide all by herself!
This was a maternity pillow Mommy borrowed from her friend Audrah.  Molly thought it made the perfect little seat for her!
We went up to Going Bonkers in Lewisville with Molly's BFF Eben.

Precious face!

Big girl, climbing up and down the slide all by herself!

Molly and Eben having really started interacting and playing together lately, as opposed to just playing next to each other!

I have no idea what these two were doing, but it was just too funny!  They were completely synchronized!

My big girl:(

Mommy is SO not a fan of this her being a big girl!

Molly LOVES playing with the cats at her Meme's house! 
Callie is the only one that will tolerate Molly

Molly's new favorite pasttime, walking around the house in Mommy's shoes!

Her favorite place to sit, this was our chair/stool when we were little.

Playing dress up in her ballet shoes!

Playing dress up with her cousin Gracie!

They are learning to share better and play together really well!

They actually do love each other! :)  Sweet cousins!

Yummy yummy spaghetti!  And when I tell her to say cheese she now actually smiles instead of just a stretched cheesy face! :)
And that is that!  Our summer in a nutshell!  I'm not sure how it has flown by so incredibly fast :(  But I only have to make it through 9 weeks of school before we welcome this new baby girl into our home!  We have busily been trying to prepare Molly for the arrival of her baby sister...more on those preparations to come!