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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Romp thru the Sprinkler

What started as a trip to the backyard to visit Daddy....

Wound up being an accidental run-in with the sprinkler!

Poor Molly, she didn't know what hit her!

"What was that???"

"Mommy, something got me..."

Had to go check it out again!

"Maybe that's not so bad"
"Hey Lucy, did you see that water?"
"I only got a little bit wet, and a little bit muddy"
"Ha, I got your camera strap!"
Did someone say "cheese"???

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears- what fun!

Recently, we made a trip to the zoo with Molly's cousin Gracie.  It wasn't Molly's first trip to the zoo, but it was definitely the first one where she knew what was going on!

She definitely recognized the elephants!

Checking out the giraffes!

Grace fed the giraffe

Looking for Simba
Found him!

Molly had a chat with the chickens while.....
Gracie went on a pony ride!

Molly and Grace both loved the ducks!
And then there were the goats...Molly was not afraid one bit!  She got right in their faces talking to them and petting them!  Can you tell she loves farm animals?

A great trip to the zoo makes for one tuckered out Mommy and Molly!